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New Method Golf

The Modern Way To Efficient Golf

The world of golf is filled with endless content and coaches teaching in different ways. No wonder why golf is confusing! With New Method Golf we are pushing against the grain to make learning golf simple and fun. We believe the golfer should understand the dynamics of the swing to become self efficient.

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Jordan Stone PGA professional 
Founder Of New Method Golf 

The Focus

The Processes Of A Refound Golf Game  

Our Coaches start with identifying what the golfer knows about the golf swing and pin pointing misunderstandings as well as where that player lacks in knowledge. From there we begin with the foundation process and move forward to the close out of the swing. 

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Our Technology 

XGC Technology 

XGC Technology is a simulation system that reads golf swing metrics at a 99% accuracy rate. Using Artificial intelligence to track a golfers swing metrics increases speed of improvement by 50%. Tracking Metrics can be found in the technology page of X-Golfs website.

The Breakdown

Modern Golf Breakdown

- Evaluation and golfers current swing knowledge

- Foundation and impact on movement 

- Takeaway and back swing transitions

- Downswing and breakthrough check point  

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