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Senior Golf

Seniors 65+ qualify for senior discounts,

Tuesday - Fridays before 3:00 PM.

$35 Per Hour (Not Per Person)

*Must show ID to staff for verification


Senior Flex League

Every week seniors have the option on top of their senior discount to play in weekly senior leagues at just $5 per person. This is an 18 hole stroke play league, played at a new golf course every week.    

How To Join The League

Every Tuesday - Thursday before 3:00 PM, X-Golf staff will have blank scorecards for that weeks chosen golf course. For $5 you can join in on the action and take a scorecard and rules sheet. After you are done playing and the scorecard has been filled out, turn in your scorecard with X-golf staff. The Following Tuesday - Thursday the winner and leaderboard will be displayed.


Each week the winner will receive 3 options for prize.

1.) 15 Minute Lesson with PGA Pro. 

2.) $10 Off Next Suite Reservation.

3.) Free Coffee For The Week.

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